Single Parent Program

Single parent program

Helping Single Parents Prosper

BEAM engages low-income single mothers in a multi-year financial management program combined with intensive case management services, to improve long-term financial stability. Outcomes include significant increases in credit scores, reduced debt, increased savings, and increased wages. Single Parent participants may also receive support in pursuing educational and certificate programs which will lead to higher wages. To be considered for this program, contact

We’re grateful for TIAA being a partner in our efforts to help single mothers gain control of their finance and work towards economic independence. Here is a picture of Ms. Nehemiah, who earned her CNA certification last fall. She received educational support from BEAM with help from a TIAA grant. She is now studying for the State Board.

Erin, a member of Cohort 11, is now a Homeowner! Erin owns her own business and works as a Licensed Massage Therapist. She completed the Beaches Habitat program and received her keys at a lovely ceremony this past weekend. Shown here are Erin and her two daughters. Erin credits the SPP program with helping her manage her finances and putting her on this path.

Some of the partners and donors who help us make a difference. Thank you for your support!