Financial Assistance Program (2018 Update)

Financial Assistance Program (2018 Update)

Emergency assistance is at the core of what we do at BEAM. By providing basic needs to families who are thrown an unexpected curveball in life, we are able to keep them in their homes. Last year, we helped 856 families achieve just that—relief in knowing their home would not be taken away from them.

Below is just one example of a family who was impacted by BEAM’s support:
Mr. John Doe was admitted to a local hospital for a foot wound where he was treated and also diagnosed with diabetes (at nearly 400 pounds). He was referred to BEAM’s Paths to Wellness Program and began meeting regularly with our registered dietitian. Over the course of two years, he lost more than 150 pounds!

At his new healthy weight, he was able to secure a retail job. Last year, his mother was diagnosed with cancer and during that stressful time, he was able to receive rent and utility assistance from BEAM. This ensured that he and his mother could remain in their apartment as she began treatment.

Because he was healthy and able to maintain his job, he was in a much better position to support his mom through her health challenges. We hear she is doing well and on the steady path to recovery.

If it wasn’t for BEAM, I wouldn’t have been in the physical, mental or financial shape to help my mother when she needed me. We will be forever grateful for all that you have done.
— Mr. Doe

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We’d like to show our appreciation to longtime Client Services Manager Kathy Maloney for her 14.5 years of dedicated service to BEAM, our clients and the beaches community. She began her retirement in January 2019 and is looking forward to spending quality time with her family and grandbabies.